How to put RFM95 to sleep

(Bjoern A) #1


i hope some one can help me with a little problem.
I’am trying to minimize my nodes power consumption. At the moment i use the Low-Power Rocketscream library to put the controller to sleep with

LowPower.powerDown(SLEEP_8S, ADC_OFF, BOD_OFF);

This is working fine for me.

Now i want to put the RFM95 to sleep. I tried with LMIC.shutdown(); but then my node stops sending for ever. So has anyone an easy example for me?



me to :sunglasses:

searching found this

maybe its possible to extend the lowpower lib with a RFM95 sleep part ?

(Phang Moh) #3

LMIC already does this. I wrote that LowPower library, :slight_smile: Might be a shameless plug but here's how I do it for a SAM21 based board:


cool.. tnx !

(Bjoern A) #5

Good to know, thank you.