How to receive a message back from gateway


This is my first topic here an am very new to Lora and TTN. I have custom designed a gateway (using RAK831) and a node (using a 328 microcontroller) and using LMiC arduino program. After a little research, I am finally able to send messages from Node to gateway on ABP.

Now, for the question:

  1. I need to know if there is a way to receive message back from the gateway. I have read about downlink, but when I send few bytes from Downlink window on the application page, it says “sent”, but there is nothing I see on the arduino window. However, on the application window on TTN page, it says “confirmed
    payload:FFEE”. What am I missing here?
  2. I am from India and have used 865062500, 865402500 and 865985000 as the frequency. However, the messages are always sent on 865062500. Even when I add two nodes, the result is still the same.

Since I have just started, I have a lot more questions. Will solve these issues and get back to you for more help. If you need more information to help, kindly revert.


  1. Check the transmit/receive cycle for class A nodes. That should clarify things.
  2. The TTN back-end instructs the gateway which frequency to use when transmitting. That is not something you can configure on the gateway.

Thanks for answer 2. However, the first answer left me pulling my hair. I understood nothing. Since I do not know much about programming or TTN network and the program, would be really helpful if you could elaborate a bit.


Do you know the difference between classes A, B and C? If not read the LoRaWAN specification.

Can you post a screenshot of the message in the TTN console?

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