How to Register a new Things Indoor Gateway

I was attempting to claim a brand new Things Indoor Gateway but an error message popped up saying I must first register the gateway. How do I do this? It’s never been registered before. The help guide I came across
doesn’t match what I see on website. What do I do?
What I see on the Gateway Page
Register Gateway on Support Page

The first image is what I see on the Gateway Page. No place to click on Register.

The second image is from the support page on the web site. It shows a place to register a gateway.
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I think the middle bytes of the gateway should be FF FE, not FF FF.
See The Things Indoor Gateway | The Things Stack for LoRaWAN

The error message does not tell you to register it, it tells you it’s not registered, suble difference.
Just claim it with the correct dev eui.

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Doh! That was it. Thank you!

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