How to reset frame counter on V3?

On V2 there was the possibility to reset the frame counter for test purposes. I can’t find this option on V3 application console. Does anyone know how to do it?

Thanks for you kindly help!

In V2 you could reset frame counters, have this functionality been dropped now in V3?

Seems in V3 is only available for ABP devices and not fot OTAA.

A join/rejoin session (under OTAA) has the effect of resetting counters each time

I’m running into the same issue with the frame counters. How would I trigger a (re)join without manually deleting the device first? Is there a CLI command to do this?

At least for 1.0.x ABP devices, it seems in V3 the downlink counter (as used by TTN) is reset automatically when TTN detects and allows that the uplink counter has been reset. I’m sure one can confirm in the code somewhere. In V2, for the downlink counters, this needed one to click the “reset frame counters” link in the V2 Console.

Some testing showed that after a LoRaWAN 1.0.x device (MAC V1.0.2, PHY V1.0.2 REV B) was restarted, the next downlink used FCnt = 1, even though before that device reset an earlier downlink used FCnt = 5.

For ABP in V3 the “Reset Frame Counters” option is in Network layer, Advanced MAC Settings (just below the ABP NwkSKey):

Reset Frame Counters

Of course, don’t ignore the warning:


:warning: Resetting is insecure and makes your device susceptible for replay attacks

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