How to send data/payload without real device

Hi Team,

I want to test iotagent LoRaWAN with my dummy device data. I have followed the steps described in the below document.

Install iotagent-LoRaWAN using docker
Provisioning a device with attribute: temperature,
Now I want to check the flow is working correctly by sending the temperature value.
But I don’t have the real device/sensor. I want to send dummy payload from iotagent LoRaWAN to context broker- orion through the things network. So, is there any API supported or any other method by which it can be done?

Please guide me how I can send payload without real sensors/device?

Oh, this is easy :slight_smile:

Go to the console at
Then under Applications → (your application) → End devices → (your end device) under tab ‘Messaging’ you can simulate an uplink. You can enter a port and a payload (bytes as hex).
You will need to know what the raw payload looks like, we cannot really help you with that.

This assumes of course that you have already defined an application and an end device.

The data you send using this way will appear on the MQTT stream. There will be no gateway info in the uplink message, no physical parameters (spreading factor, SNR, RSSI), etc, because it is a simulated message.

Hi @bertrik Thank you for the response.

I have followed these steps but it was not working. I have used payload (bytes as hex) and port in uplink. it shows uplink message simulate but there is no change reflect in value.

PFA screenshot for the same

I have not used any real device. I have followed the below steps to register device on TTN

Please guide me on this and also confirm it is possible to send data when the end device is not real.

The port value is totally out of range, it’s not TCP port, it’s LoRaWAN port - just try 1

Hi @descartes Thank you for response.

I have also tried with port “1” it give same result

What result? What happens, what messages, what do you expect?

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I want to send value of my attribute (temperature_1) which I have register on my LoRaWAN device.

after sending the Payload from uplink the value of attribute does not appear or change in my registered device at orion.

Does the uplink appear in the “device” console.

Does it leave the TTN application server?

Does it arrive at your software?

Does any of this have any logs you can use to trace the flow of data?

I don’t have any real device. I want to test it from TTN console. It is possible to send measure from TTN without any real device connected to TTN?

Yes, we’ve told you how to do that, you’ve gone to the right place, you’ve apparently tried with a proper port number (as 4061 is way out of range). Please answer the questions I wrote above.

Hi @descartes Thank you for support,

I am able to get value.

Hi @descartes @bertrik ,

I am able to send data from LoRaWAN to orion (NORTHBOUND TRAFFIC) through TTN.
Is there is any method or API through which we can send data from orion to LoRaWAN ( SOUTHBOUND TRAFFIC)?

Yes, to send a downlink message, you can publish (“write”) a JSON payload to a specific MQTT topic.
In the console you can send a downlink command, similar to how you can simulate an uplink command.

Sorry I don’t know exactly what the MQTT topic looks like, I have only done this with the TTN v2 stack. I guess just replace the “/up/” part of the topic with “/down/”. You will also need to connect to the MQTT server with an API key that allows publishing to the down-topic.

More information about the data formats can be found here (under “Downlink message”): Data Formats | The Things Stack for LoRaWAN

What does Orion support for downlinks?

I have send the data from MQTT using the command:
mosquitto_pub -h -t ‘anjaliapplication***/devices/anjalidevice1234/down’ -u ‘anjaliapplication1234’ -P ‘ttn-account-v2.********’ -m ‘{“payload_fields”:{“temperature_1”:11.1}}’

The data is send successfully and this showing on TTN console.
I need to confirm the data is going through Orion ContextBroker.
Can you please describe the flow of data in downlink So that I can confirm my query.

That may well bypass the Orion software as the MQTT downlink request goes straight in to the Network server. I think you need to ask the people who make the software, I am not familiar with it, just giving hints on ways to investigate.

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