How to set old DevAddr in TTN when restoring deleted ABP device?

I have been flying TTN HAB trackers (bz-ttn-v2) but on the ttn mapper I never could find any results back when entering bz-ttn-v2 either with View Map or CSV data. I added an experiment name ( belowesealevel ) and that showed up on the ttn mapper.

So I thougt, I remove the device after saving all the settings to a text file but now it appears to me that I cannot add / change the device address to the one used in my 3 programmed devices.

Of course it is possible to open the cases and re-program the devices, but I want to check first if it’s indeed not possible to re- add the same existing device to my application.

Any ideas on this ?



Why not? I assume you’re using ABP and are referring to seeing “The device address will be assigned by the network server” after changing from OTAA to ABP in TTN Console?

ABP device

In TTN Console, you could set the session keys by clicking the pencil icon. To force the existing DevAddr, I think you could use ttnctl devices set (which you could then also use for the session keys).

(The DevAddr needs to adhere to a scheme as for OTAA/ABP and the region. But as TTN has assigned it, that should be okay.)

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Maybe you also need --override in ttnctl. And maybe it is not supported at all, given the following:

For ABP devices you have to request an address from the NetworkServer (the console or ttnctl will do this for you).

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Well, short version :wink: It worked !

Never had run the ttnctl ( or my memory is that bad) but I succesfully followed your steps, after switching to the right application I could change the device address and indeed needed to add the --override :slight_smile:

Many thanks !

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