How to stop downlinks?

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Hi, I am relatively new to LoRa and TTN, and this is my first message. My current setup is:

  • a single channel gateway based on Raspberry Pi, Dragino LoRa/GPD hat, and the Dual Channel packet forwarder adapted to work with one (instructions found here on the forum, thanks Batigolle);
  • a node with Arduino MKR WAN 1300 and its MKRWAN library, plus the example skecth (modified to send a couple of data). I am using ABP.
  • gateway, app and device registered on TTN.

In few hours, also thanks to this forum, I was able to have the node running and sending data to the gateway and from there to a test application.

To test the other direction, I sent a downlink from the TTN application interface (confirmed type, chosen by ignorance). It reached the gateway many times, but never the node (and this would be another question). However, I did this 3 weeks ago and TTN is still trying to send it every some uplink received (by the way, on RX2 window only, apparently).
So the question is: how to stop it? While I still need to understand how to send a message to the node, in the meantime I would like to stop continuously sending data perhaps outside TTN rules. The only way I could recognize is to create a new application…



possible solution is remove device from application and add again (with different name)

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See also

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Thanks to both. So, currently there is only a workaround for this.