How to update the location of my gateway based on incoming status messages?

Hey everyone,

I’m new to LoRa and this forum, so I apologize for fundamental questions in advance.
First of all, I’m happy that I have now got my first LoRa Gateway up and running.
Now to my question: in the console under “Location” exists the possibility “Update the location of this gateway based on incoming status messages”. What do I have to do so that the correct GPS coordinates are transmitted to the console? In my local_conf.json file I added the coordinates, that’s why I thought it is sufficient.

Thanks for any response.

You need to configure your gateway to use its gps. If the gateway does not have a gps just enter the coordinates in the console and don’t attempt to have the gateway send them, manually entered coordinates on a gateway that get transmitted to TTN don’t make sense.

Thank’s for you’re replay. You’re right, it’s only a raspberry pi with a LoRa-board so without any GPS device. During the configuration, I entered the GPS coordinates, so I thought they are transmitted automatically if I activate the option in the console. But with your hint I have simply deposited them online.

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