How to use CLI applications settings?


I have a couple of devices that have the wrong RX_DELAY for V3. I tried updating the devices from the CLI using

ttn-lw-cli end-devices set --mac-settings.desired-rx1-delay RX_DELAY_5

But if the device only has the rx windows open for 1 second it is never going to recieve that update. Like a catch-22.

So I was thinking to set the value as an application-setting on the application with

ttn-lw-cli applications activation-settings set --mac-settings.desired-rx1-delay RX_DELAY_5

But that gives an error msg and I cannot find out what the correct syntax is. I am sure it is documented somewhere but I cannot find it.

BTW These are OTAA devices… in case that matters.

Any help is greatly appreciated.


Maybe not, if they were setup with the default settings and joined v3 using OTAA then the Join Accept will have setup the Rx1 to 5 seconds.

If you set them up with Rx1 at 1 second then you’ll need to be able to tell the node to rejoin or reboot and whilst it’s doing that, update the settings.

However looking at the range of options, I think you can set the desired setting which the network server will send down before using it as the current setting. I opened a documentation issue to ask exactly this today.

Thanks Nick.