How to use Helium miner as a gateway ? is it possibole

Hi guys , can I use Rak miner as a gataway ? to transmit node signal ? or do i need to setup gatawey?

I bought lht65 but unfortunately the is no gateway in my town. I use RAK hotspot v2 , but sensor is offline even when i add it to helium console .

how to do it ?



Yes, but it won’t mine anymore as this is TTN, not Helium.

It’s going to be a gateway, not a node / device.

That’s for you to take up with Helium.

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thank you Nick !

I’ll build gateway to connect the sensor…

Nick another think … how the miner send and receive signal and sensors can’t use the device to connect to lora network ? I’m new to that …

It sounds like you need to review the concepts, check out the docs:

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No you can’t. A RAK helium miner (unless a V1 type) cannot be reconfigured to connect to both Helium and TTN. When it is a V2 type a software replacement is required that will allow connecting to TTN but you will loose Helium connectivity.

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