How to use Helium miner as a gateway ? is it possibole

Hi guys , can I use Rak miner as a gataway ? to transmit node signal ? or do i need to setup gatawey?

I bought lht65 but unfortunately the is no gateway in my town. I use RAK hotspot v2 , but sensor is offline even when i add it to helium console .

how to do it ?



Yes, but it won’t mine anymore as this is TTN, not Helium.

It’s going to be a gateway, not a node / device.

That’s for you to take up with Helium.

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thank you Nick !

I’ll build gateway to connect the sensor…

Nick another think … how the miner send and receive signal and sensors can’t use the device to connect to lora network ? I’m new to that …

It sounds like you need to review the concepts, check out the docs:

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No you can’t. A RAK helium miner (unless a V1 type) cannot be reconfigured to connect to both Helium and TTN. When it is a V2 type a software replacement is required that will allow connecting to TTN but you will loose Helium connectivity.



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Hi, is there a manual or a description how to convert a rak Wireless Helium Hotspot V2 to send data to ttn.
You wrote that there is a software replacement required but i can’t find some details about it.
Can you provide more information?


This is how I have my TTN gateway set up using a second hand rak miner.

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Sorry for the Question, because I’m new to the whole LoRaWan and TTN “thing”. But is it somehow possible to set up a gateway to use both, TTN and Helium?

No, you want your bread buttered on both sides?

Having a GW share networks (not just H +TTN) has been discussed many times on the forum - forum search is your friend! Technically (almost) possible to get illusion of sharing but technically not practical! :slight_smile: Do not attempt with a GW connected to TTS(CE) (TTN).

It can be done, however it’s like having a car with one car and two steering wheels, two throttles and two break pedals which are operated by entities that do now know they share the car or what the other one is doing.
This could result in a gateway that violates local laws and exposes the owner to fines.

Yes it can be done. Look for the Balena fleet solution from Nebra for your hardware type.

Although you are technically correct, I see no ethical reason that would keep him from doing so. I passed that point a long time ago.

The ethical reason is a technical one - if network A is ‘operating’ the GW then network B is not able to - this then represents a Denial of Service attack by A on B, Also even if Network A isnt actually using the GW it may have exhausted the available duty cycle airtime limit so again Network B cannot function, again a DoS. and so on for many other scenarios. In addition if the GW isnt locked out and monitoring its own duty cycle (a function typically taken care of by the LNS in control) then network B may still go ahead and push a Tx…this then changes an ethical and technical dilema into a Legal issue! I know from discussion you have done this, and on low traffic shared private networks it may be done, if owner keeps eye on activity to ensure legal compliance and is willing to accept packet loss or need for retry’s in their own application BUT it is not something supported or encouraged by TTN/TTI & community and as above

Technically, I can go say 3 pints over the legal alcohol limit - my personal ethics will decide if I can/will or not, society’s (communities) group ethics will decide if I ‘should’ do so or not and Legal limits will decide the punishment! :wink:

If you want to make GW infrastructure available between more than 1 network - peer using established LoRaWAN peering/roaming specifications and ageements or use e.g. Packet Broker… :wink:

TTI explicity asks not to do it as it might well impact the user experience on the community network.

There are already users with simple gateway setups complaining about downlinks not arriving, would it be ethical to push the limits and expose the community and forum to complications resulting from such a setup?

Again technically correct. This is how the world should behave.

Unfortunately there are parties that will not talk to each other (TTI vs Helium for example).
Why should only the user behave and choose party while being kept from other features and possibilities when they act different than they preach?

I prefer to do it in a technical correct way but sorry, I am not interested in such moral knighthood when patronized.

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