How to verify if my gateway operates effectivly?


I have Rak Wireless 2245 w/PI running, outdoor w/ a 6dBI antenna and see frequent traffic from returning nodes in the near neighborhood.

How can I verify if it runs effectively? Below a snapshot of some traffic.

And? What is the concern behind this comment?

How would you define it running effectively? What does it mean to you? Why do you ask, do you think it is not running effectively?

Why this snapshot, what is in it that is of note for you?

Hi @descartes I have no concerns but also have no reference to a good working gateway, hence the question. The screen shot might the tell the more experienced owners that the gateway a) is not working / ill configured b) is working as it should be.


Looks like your gateway is working as it should. If you want to know more, I can recommend:

Travel around using a node like TTGO T-Beam and watch what happens.

thanks @wolfp I also own a Rak Wireless RAK10701 and having a LGT92 with TTN Mapper to test.

As above, looks OK but it’s only a handful of lines. Gateways are pretty basic, if they are hearing uplinks and passing them on and you’re not seeing errors on it’s log or the web console, all is well.

If you wish to use that on TTN you’ll have to be very careful about it’s configuration - and even then it will probably only be useful for about 10 minutes before it has exceeded capacity for downlinks for the day.

Mapping with the LGT92 would be kinder.

@descartes thanks!

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