HTTP integration missing fields

according to the http integration documentation it should be sending a “confirmed” key.

It seems like I am only receiving a selection of the listed fields from the documentation.

my array contains the following keys:

  • app_id
  • dev_id
  • hardware_serial
  • port
  • counter
  • payload_raw
  • metadata: time, frequency, modulation + gateways etc.
  • downlink_url

However I am not receiving the “confirmed” boolean. Is there something I am doing wrong? I can’t find any configuration anywhere.

I have also checked inside the console, the downlinks are successfully confirmed. The HTTP integration is just not passing this data.

Kind regards,
Mike de Bruijn

I checked in my logs and indeed, when the packet is confirmed, I am receiving the confirmed field (if not, I do not receive it). The only difference I can see is that I am using an encoder, thus I also receive the payload_fields key (it should not matter, but who knows? try to add an encoder).

Thank you for your response. I have tried this, but unfortunately it did not make a difference. Do you have any other suggestions?

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