HTTP Integration - please, help!

My HTTP integration suddenly stopped working although it has been working fine for a couple of weeks. I tried to debug the connection to check whether there is a problem with my endpoint ( but it works correctly and receives messages from other sources. Also, I tried the same steps with another TTN account - there are no signs of any uplink on the Hookbin. Is it caused by some updates in TTN (policy, limits or something else) or there are some issues with TTN server?

Thanks to all of you for your answers!
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FWIW my HTTP integration is receiving uplinks OK.

Did you use HookBin to test the connection or is it your normal end point?

Thank you for your prompt reply!

HookBin is my test end point, for the development purposes only. I have registered my end device and was checking if integration works properly while preparing my production end point. Everything worked fine, but yesterday I noticed that there were no any updates on the HookBin. I checked my Console and saw that my application receives uplinks from the device, so connection “Device-TTN server” works well. But server does not forward the data further to the end point via HTTP Integration. I have tried to create several new bins, but it did not help. Although, I tried to send some data from Postman to the bin and it worked fine. I have also tried to simulate the uplink message on Console, but without any success too.

What sort of ‘real’ end point are you using?

Are there any logs - for instance Apache - that you can look at?

I am not using any “real” end point at the moment, only HookBin.

I have an update, just tried one last bin site - and simulated the uplink message in Console - and it worked. I will wait for my device’s next message and let you know if it works or not. At the moment, it seems that Hookbin stopped accepting messages from TTN only .

Anything could be going on with a free service, including it wondering why it’s being hit at regular intervals and thinking it’s time to get you to move on. They aren’t really setup to provide ongoing data.

You could try or use the Data Storage integration (I’d add that anyway), or do both.

So yes, it works fine now (the last uplink message from my device was successfully forwarded to the new bin), thanks a lot! The problem was in a bin provider - HookBin. I was rather confused that it has been working fine for a couple of days and then suddenly stopped while still receiving messages from Postman but not from TTN.