HTTP Integration Refresh Token


I added The URL of the endpoint on HTTP integration for my device and I successfully receive the data in my endpoint.

How can I make my token refresch automatically?

Thank you


You can’t and why do you want to as it would then have to be published by some scheme that would require authentication.

I can’t be 100% sure, you appear to have entered a code generated else where in the TTN eco-system whereas it’s actually your code that goes in there for you to authenticate at the your end point.

I generated the code of my endpoint to put it in the TTN. because my application needs this code so that TTN can send the data to my app.

but this code is valable for 1h and i need to generate a new one each 1h. That´s why i´m talking about the refresh token.

Thank you

I’m not aware of a way to update the token in V2 - which won’t be around by the end of the year so best not do too much work on it, or in V3 either.

You may want to look at the documentation.

It sounds like your application is using something like JWT authentication… The “refresh” of the token would not fall under TTN because it would require knowing the ‘secret’. If this is your implementation of the endpoint you should allow the token to not expire in an hour but longer…and when it does generate a new token for TTN HTTP integration to use…

Our Application require a valide ACCESS TOKEN to commicate with. if i set the TOKEN longer this not solve my case. I thought there was a way that TTN can ask a refresh Token on my EndPoint.!

my question is how can i request a new refresch over HTTP INTEGRATION.

Any Documentation?


What you are looking for is not possible in TTN. You will need an intermediate server to handle this.