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Hello, I have a question, I read the documentation of http integration and they said we send raw payload but I don’t understand how to do.

I work on http integration and i use a website with resquestBin, I can receive data similair to the up uplink but i want to receive a minimum of data like : the app id, the device id and the data.

This is the JSON I get from my office test integration:

    "app_id": "descartes-office-test01",
    "counter": 17662,
    "dev_id": "descartes-tinything-v0_1a-sn000003",
    "downlink_url": "",
    "hardware_serial": "DE5CA7FFFFFFFFFC",
    "metadata": {
        "coding_rate": "4/5",
        "data_rate": "SF7BW125",
        "frequency": 868.5,
        "gateways": [
                "altitude": 217,
                "channel": 2,
                "gtw_id": "eui-de5ca70000000000",
                "latitude": 53.32636,
                "longitude": -1.74385,
                "rf_chain": 1,
                "rssi": -69,
                "snr": 7.8,
                "time": "",
                "timestamp": 931655075
                "channel": 2,
                "gtw_id": "eui-de5ca70000000002",
                "gtw_trusted": true,
                "rf_chain": 1,
                "rssi": -72,
                "snr": 7.25,
                "time": "2019-11-17T04:19:17Z",
                "timestamp": 1197378755
        "modulation": "LORA",
        "time": "2019-11-17T04:19:17.542676058Z"
    "payload_raw": "AAK1AKkAAA==",
    "port": 1

I think this gives you the fields you want.

Well, I already understand how to get JSON and to read it on but in my case I want to remove some data to have the essentials

See How to remove downlink_url from HTTP integration and HTTP Integration: pass only payload_fields. (Spoiler: you’ll need an intermediate server.)

JSON interpreter exception in unit descartes.

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