HTTP Integrations - down / incoming connections refused?

Since a couple of hours we are getting HttpError
connect ECONNREFUSED when trying to schedule a downlink via the HTTP integration. Anyone else having difficulties?


I’m having the same issue on storage integration api, I get the error ‘Connection refused’ too.

Same situation here for Data Storage Integration.
Are there any forecast for when these integrations will be available again?

My integrations (data storage) are now gone from my account

the storage integration isn’t listed in my account anymore for ttn-handler-us-west, and isn’t in the available list.
I have another application using ttn-handler-eu and it’s showing up there.

I don’t see anything on the status page. Anyone else having issues?

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For anyone experiencing operational issues, please check the status page and follow the instructions on it to report any (suspected) outages. The forum is not being monitored for operational issues.

I might be missing something obvious here, but I don’t see where I can report anything. I click on the link for the slack channel, but that just takes me to the main slack login. Is there somewhere for me to get access to that slack workspace? Thanks!

Have you considered searching the forum for the answer on how to join?

Hey there,
I did. I found that page but it always tells me the invite isn’t current and to ask for a new one. So I assumed that was an outdated link.
Any advice

hello, still having problems curl: (7) Failed to connect to port 443: Connection refused

Well I would like to join the slack group but the auto-invite link is not working.

They have noticed the issue now:


For me the issue with downlink scheduling seems resolved now!