Http rest api

In TTN V2 we accessed the device data with the string “https://{application.AccessKey}{deviceId}?last={lastSeconds}s”. We then got a Json string with Information on several devices by time, each like this: “{“device_id”:“00000041”,“raw”:“qZaYKxEAAC8BAAAAwX0pJgMAAAAAwX0pJg==”,“time”:“2020-10-28T17:51:19.839593247Z”}”

In TTI V3 we tried to access this Information but do not know if we did it correctly. We accessed the device data with the string “https://<…><…>/devices{deviceId}/down”. But the returned Json is empty. We are especially interested in the field “raw” since it contains the encrypted payload, from which we want to extract the pieces of information we further process. What is the correct way to access this Information?

Hi @Aura4, the reference documentation for the APIs for the V3 stack is at:

Please post examples back to the forum once you have it working as a lot of people are learning about V3.

Hi Tim, thanks for the link, which is good but which I’ve already known. I extracted the string “https://<…><…>/devices{deviceId}/down” from the information on the API pages. Unfortunately, it still doesn’t work. Of course once it works I will write about it to help others.

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