Hydrus Meter Retrofit

My customer have the attached water meters that supports only OMS 434 Mhz . is there a way to recommend a module to transmit the data over lora. or this will be complicated? Cause I also heard that the send a data to tablet in an encrypted format.


If you are doing this on a commercial basis, I’d recommend talking to the guys from Physec. They developed a secure protocol for metering (water & electricity) and are currently testing it in the field. Maybe they also have some expertise regarding retrofitting.

Thanks . I also came accross http://www.lobaro.com/portfolio/wireless-mbus-zu-lora-bridge-adapter-repeater/#top
who i think have exactly the same solution am looking for and tested on the same device. wireless m-bus to lora . I will look at my alternatives on this . Thank you

Same as Lobaro, Amiho Technology also has wireless mBus to LoRa(WAN), both in 868MHz and 169MHz but not for 433MHz


Thanks. so are you saying that lobaro also doesnt cover the wireless mbus 434 mhz range , ir your not sure and i need to check?

Yes i just checked and it only covers 868 mbus . I am not sure now if am stuck in this i will have to invesitigate further .

Can the RF hardware also be used at other frequencies like 434 MHz?
Modules are tuned to a specific frequency band. We also offer the versatile AM093 POC module that operates at both 868 MHz and 169 MHz and has LoRa® range extension. This is ideal for testing your application/smart meter needs regarding range as you can add in 169 and the LoRa® option if the range needs extending.

This is in Amiho technology fAQ but very miss-leading …

WMBus at 434MHz is not widely used and it is not completely standarized.

I think both amiho and lobaro don’t support 433MHz, but it is better to ask them directly.

Yes, hardware must be tuned for a specific frequency band, but SX1276 has two RF ports, one high freq port for 868 or 915MHz and other low freq port for 168, 434 and other bands.

So, yes, a single board can have 434 and 868 and typically two antennas.

OMS 434 Mhz is not good for Lora. The same gateway to send data in Lora can be replace by 3g gateway. I worked in projects with hydrus and prefer bought with pulse output.
My project in portuguese https://www.caesb.df.gov.br/component/licitacaolist/1091.html?view=licitaolista