I can´t connect IOT Femto Gateway WLRGFM to TTN (European Zone))

I am trying to register the WLRGFM-100 Femto LoRa gateway on TTN. When I finish the registration process, the status of my gateway is “not connected”… How can I to connect my gateway to TTN in a correct way? (I am in the European zone).
I need some help…


It would be helpful if you could describe the exact sequence of steps you used to register the gateway. Did you use the default protocol or the legacy packet forwarder one? Did you run into any screens where you were asked for or presented with information that didn’t seem to make sense, and simply guessed?

Additionally, do you have any nodes on the same bandplan which are transmitting within range of the gateway? Do you have any access on the gateway itself to tell if it is in contact with a network server and if it is receiving and forwarding packets? For example, is there a local web status page, or can you get a shell via a serial terminal or SSH and use that to view packet fowarder output in /var/log/syslog or some other similar place?

I have completed the data in “gateway register page”, but when I finally the process the state of the gateway is “not connected”. I am using the OTAA way to send data. I have a LoRa node. With “termite” software I can to send data and I receive “tx_ok”… so I think that the gateway is getting data. It´s possible that I need a configuration step…

Thank you for your fast reply.

That doesn’t really follow. The node software thinks it transmitted, which is a good sign. But it may not have done so, or not done so correctly - or even if it did the gateway may not have received.

Trying to get at the gateway’s packet forwarder logs would be a good step. This will show you if the gateway is fully running, if it is receiving packets from you (or others) and perhaps if it is fully connected to the TTN servers.