I cant add event to unleash the community

I think we have all the requirements to formalize our community “Córdoba-es”, but when adding the presentation event that we are going to have on December 15, the form does not seem to work.

We have announced it in the forums as well as on our WEB page, but we would like to formalize this last procedure and it won’t let us.

Could someone help us? Thanks in advance.

paging @rish1 can you assist please?

Hi @atdfiware, I see the issue with the event, have notified the team. In the meantime, the community will become official by Dec 15.

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Thxs, a lot !!

We have Córdoba-es community checked in general page, but incomplete in our home at 90%.
Would it be possible to terminate it as well?

Thxs in advance.


Now it’s OK. Thank you very much !!