I can't find FiPy or LoPy at Step 1 "Choose a device to start a project"

Hello, I have created an application including two Pysense with FiPy on TTN. I have registered two end devices and used them to send message to TTN successfully. However, when I wanted to find an integration for example Cayenne to manage these data, I cannot find any devices titled with “LoPy”, “FiPy” or “Pysense”. What can I do? Should i just use this method to register? Thanks in advance.

did you add the Cayenne integration to your application in the TTN console ?

see https://mydevices.com/cayenne/docs/lora/#lora-the-things-network-create-application-add-cayenne-integration


Thanks a lot! I found the problem as shown below.
I didn’t see this step before and it was the only thing missing.

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