I-CUBE-LRWAN example question (AT_SLAVE & END_NODE )


I am experiencing two problems.

My development board is STM32L072CZ-LRWAN1.
My IDE is keil free licence version

I’m using the ‘I CUBE LRWAN’ library.
now using a combination of END_NODE and AT_SLAVE examples.

I’ll sort out my problems.

Q.1 I want to change the value using AT COMMAND, but in most cases AT_ERROR will occur and the value will not work.

Q. 2When checking the value with the cereal, one of the system’s startup stops at a certain interval unconditionally.
However, resetting the system will work normally.

Now, let’s organize the symptoms in detail.

The first is that ‘SET’ values are not operated through features such as AT+DEVEUI, AT+APPEUI, etc.


Modified to above define to change settings.




As shown above, only errors continue to occur and do not change.


The above 2 functions operate normally.

I will attach the serial output as a picture

There are no intermittent errors and can be applied to AT_OK, but the frequency is very small. If you don’t solve the underlying problem, the problem will continue to occur.

AT_DevUI_set (constant character *param) funtion
I have verified that the function contains the values entered from devEui[0] to devEui[7].
However, I don’t know how to access the LmHandler due to a disconnection problem during debugging.

Q2 .The second is that once the MCU is reset, it stops working.

In the figure above, move only the three lines above and then stop.
However, resetting the system using the reset button on the board will work normally again.

When debugging using STLINK, it was confirmed that it stops in the code area above.

I’m currently using LPUART1.
speed : 9600
Please advise how to solve this problem.