I do not have registered gateway but it says gateway already exists

I added my Things Network gateway on v3 platform but it did not show status connected, while looking around i removed collaborators and it also removed my gateway
Now when i try to add gateway again it says EUI already exist but i cant see any gateway in my account.

Did you remove yourself from the list of collaborators? Then there is an orphaned gateway in the system.

What is the EUI so we can ask TTI to reconnect it to your account?

58 A0 CB FF FE 80 14 11 this is what i can see on the config web page on device back its
58 A0 CB 80 14 11

@KrishnaIyerEaswaran2 can you help?

Thanks @kersing!
sairfan1: You should now be able to register the gateway.

Thanks i was able to add gateway, but its not connected, I’m using Things Indoor Lora Gateway as here

Yesterday i tried to register it on console v2 it was connected at that time it was powered through my laptop i disconnected it and powered it from main and it never connected again, i bring it back as pas configurations but did not work, then i also removed it from console v2 and register it on console v3 but still does not work. I reset it and register again but no luck.

Its powered ON and green LED is stable.