I do not have registered gateway but it says gateway already exists

I added my Things Network gateway on v3 platform but it did not show status connected, while looking around i removed collaborators and it also removed my gateway
Now when i try to add gateway again it says EUI already exist but i cant see any gateway in my account.

Did you remove yourself from the list of collaborators? Then there is an orphaned gateway in the system.

What is the EUI so we can ask TTI to reconnect it to your account?

58 A0 CB FF FE 80 14 11 this is what i can see on the config web page on device back its
58 A0 CB 80 14 11

@KrishnaIyerEaswaran2 can you help?

Thanks @kersing!
sairfan1: You should now be able to register the gateway.

Thanks i was able to add gateway, but its not connected, I’m using Things Indoor Lora Gateway as here

Yesterday i tried to register it on console v2 it was connected at that time it was powered through my laptop i disconnected it and powered it from main and it never connected again, i bring it back as pas configurations but did not work, then i also removed it from console v2 and register it on console v3 but still does not work. I reset it and register again but no luck.

Its powered ON and green LED is stable.

New Dragino a840411f58244150 already exist @KrishnaIyerEaswaran2 please help me! Thanx Edwin.

Hi Jac … my case is I’m new and learning and can no longer register my RAK 2287 gateway.

I had it working on V2 then I unsuccessfully attempted registration on V3 under a different Gateway ID, then deleted the V2 Gateway; then tried V2 again etc … Basically I went back and forth attempting to register on V2 and V3 with different Gateway ID’s but a common Gateway EUI.

Finally … I’m thinking that the Gateway EUI is in some database as “successfully registered” and refusing to register with any Gateway ID.

So my questions are:

  1. Could I be correct?
  2. Will old deleted or unused Gateway ID ever get deleted or expire?

and What’s to be done to rectify this :)?


Does adding on V3 actually give an error stating the EUI is already being used? If not register it and you are done. Gateway IDs are not recycled or expired. The are clear warnings when you delete a gateway that the ID can not be reused. If you ignore them you are out of luck and need to live with the consequences.

No, never. Ever. And it’s worse than you think if you just use randomly generic sorts of IDs.

If someone registers a gateway as "my-gateway" no one else on TTN will be able to register a gateway with that ID. So it’s best to come up with something either very unique or prefix with something a bit unique - so for me, I put "awesome-dude" before every single ID as no one else on TTN is awesome like me.

If I delete "my-gateway" it does not then become available ever for anyone on TTN at any time, not even me.

If you read the code (!!!), you’ll find there is actually a stop list of blindly obvious IDs that people could use, so personalisation is key.

See ID and EUI Constraints | The Things Stack for LoRaWAN

In summary, slow down and create a unique-ish gateway ID for v3 - "kersing-is-a-dude-too".

I’m not an expert i also did the same mistake deleting my gateway from V2 and installed it on V3 but it did not work, when i went back to my V2 it did not accept it either.

Someone on the forum told me that on V2 it will connect and function but it will not appear on config page as it does previously.

I did not get chance to get back to lora again after that episode but you can give it a try.

Thank you all for replies.

I now understand that if I delete an ID that its gone forever. Actually that is OK as I don’t care about the specific name. I read from docs (thx Nick) that V3 requires a unique ID/EUI pair to work.

I guess I did delete an ID called “d5e” and then I created a new one called “d5e-1” and could not make that work so I abandoned that ( maybe I deleted it … not sure) and created "ID: “d5e-2” and that is where I am at now. It will not connect but my application sensor node request to join does reach the server cluster and the request can be seen in the node data window.

If I again attempt to register a gateway under ID: “d5e-1”, I am refused and given the message that the ID “is already taken” I am not sure if that means that I have deleted the ID, OR, if that one is registered but I have no way of connecting to it in the console GUI.

I’m thinking that maybe somehow I have a valid ID/EUI pair registered and I just cannot find it or manage it in the v3 Console window.

To answer Jac’s question: For the ID/EUI pair that I am currently using, (d5e-2/…my RAK EUI…) I did not get any error when I set up the Gateway. I do however get the “ID already taken” when I attempt to establish the gateway on a previously registered gateway.

Summary Questions:

  1. If I followed the gateway registration process with a new ID and the Gateway for my Gateway EUI and I did not get errors or messages then (1) it should register and (2) no other ID/EUI pairs could possibly be registered?

  2. If I set up a gateway with no applications or connected nodes, should the console window show the gateway as “connected”?

PS it worked in V2 and … oh oh … I’m learning here so I could be doing something very stupid :slight_smile:


The docs don’t say that. The ID has to be unique. You can remove & re-add an EUI to the cows come home, but each time the ID has to be unique.

Try longer ID’s, less likely to clash with other less creative entries.

No - it needs traffic to be sure.

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  1. If I followed the gateway registration process with a new ID and the Gateway for my Gateway EUI and I did not get errors or messages then (1) it should register and (2) no other ID/EUI pairs could possibly be registered?

Did you restart the gateway after you did this? If you re registered the gateway, you need a new connection for the changes to take effect.

  1. If I set up a gateway with no applications or connected nodes, should the console window show the gateway as “connected”?

Yes. TTS does not use a NOC anymore. If you are using UDP, the gateway will send a Status message every 30s (by default) and if using LBS, there’s an active connection. Either way, you don’t need traffic to show that your gateway is connected.

If your gateway is not showing as connected, I would recommend checking the packet forwarder logs on your gateway to see if there are errors.

Hmmmmmmm, I can’t be scientific as I’ve not tried a proper test, but I often see the stat’s on the Live Data but it says it’s disconnected but once I send an uplink, et voila.

I’ll remember to be more precise next time I unwrap a gateway later this week.

Additionally, have you, @Peterl3233, changed the configuration on the gateway to point to TTS CE aka v3

If that’s the case, please create a bug report.

In TTS, both the Console and the CLI use the get-connection-stats end point. This end point will return a 404 if the gateway is not connected or return ConnectionStats, if it is connected.

So if the Server says the gateway is connected and the Console does not, then we can check if there’s a bug there.

In TTS, you can easily double check if a gateway is deemed to be connected by checking the stats

$ ttn-lw-cli gateways get-connection-stats

Will do, but it may be a few days, start of month and many other v3 migration shenanigans to resolve at present.

Actually I get that it the ID that has to be unique and I have that. I think I also get that if the gateway console UI accepts my ID then its unique. I have that.

Thanks for the exchange with Krishna on the matter of necessity to have any active traffic. I’m going with the concept that it is NOT required for now unless I learn otherwise. As a new guy to this with lots of handmade prototype equipment, it will be great to take the Application Node out of the equation until I get the Gateway working again on V3. My Nodes and jumbles of wires and chips and LMIC code - not pretty!

AND … tomorrow I will look into my gateway pointing to TTS CE. I guess this is the Ah-Ha moment because I blindly followed RAK’s setup program that is V2 oriented. Silly me; of course the RAK Gateway need to know the correct server address! Ill report back tomorrow.


You will have seen in previous mail that most likely my gateway is wrongly configured to point to V2 and I’ll fix that tomorrow and report back tomorrow.
If so then I’ll suggest a correction/addition on RAK’s github page to prevent others from my blindness :slight_smile: https://github.com/RAKWireless/rak_common_for_gateway

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