iC880A ERROR: local_conf.json is not a valid JSON file


I am pretty new over here. I did buy a used iC880A with a Pi 3 with it. The board has been working on the TTN network so there is something going on in my config.
I did follow up the https://github.com/ttn-zh/ic880a-gateway to setup the device and everything seems to be working fine.
After a while i did notice that my gateway isn’t registering at the TTN.


Unfortunately the service will not start because there is something wrong with the JSON file. Anybody have a golden hint?

adapter ? did you measure the voltage (optimal would be 5v1 and minimal 2A)

did you edited the json file ?

Power doesn’t seem to be the issue :wink:

The problem did lie in the facts that i didn’t spell my coordinates right during the setup. I didn’t use a dot but used a , :wink:

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