Ic880a gateway with raspberry or mkr WAN 1300

hi every one , i need help i don’t know many things about lora , i want to know what’s the difference between ic880 a gateway and the mkr WAN 1300 and what is the best , thank you

Some reading about LoRaWAN basics which show that gateways and nodes have opposite roles in the system. Both are required.

The shared nature of TTN means that if someone is already running a gateway within range of where you want to put a node, you might not need your own. However, many sorts of implementation challenges turn out to be easier to debug if you manage the gateway which is closest to a node being a tested, and so can see the gateway’s view of radio traffic to and from the node.

In terms of nodes, the MKR WAN1300 has fundamental design errors which have been documented here and elsewhere. The 1310 is supposed to fix those and so would be the earliest version worth considering. However it would still be important to make sure that the board supports the LoRaWAN regional settings applicable to the location where you want to use it.

thank you and please i have an other question tha ic880a gateway in any condition i can use it ??

You could use a gateway that is in “working condition” if the radio hardware is appropriate to a frequency plan used in your location, and if the controlling computer is running appropriate software.

Not until you ask an answerable question, no.