Ic880a homemade gateway

Hello ,

I am searching for an update tuto for built an homemade gateway with a raspberry and a ic880a.
Before I have used this one : Home · ttn-zh/ic880a-gateway Wiki · GitHub . It was working perfectly . However from the update V2 to V3 , my gateway is not anymore working.

An update tuto , will be very helpfull .

thanks in advance

This won’t be exactly what you are asking for but I would like to recommend this installation: GitHub - kersing/ttn-resin-gateway-rpi-1: Balena code for TTN V3 It works perfectly on all our community gateways.

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I use the setup as @bert2713d has and was successful in upgrading it to V3.
Click in the github on ISSUES, than TTN V3 MIGRATION. Here you will find the solution.

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I used this one

Watch out with the “shell reset script” on my PI with Buster , i couldnt use it.
It seems like the ic880a has a reset pullup on the board , and as soon as the pi reset script exited , the pin wasn’t driven (was floating) , and reset was active again (measured 2.6V).


Here you can find a tutorial for a RasperryPI + IC880A-SPI gateway setup.