IFTTT Webhook?

  1. Node Red instance is a running installation of node red.
  2. For TTN webhook to send data to your node red you need to tell it where node red is running and that node red must have a public IP adres so TTN webhook can connect to it.
  3. Do you know what node red is? If not go Google it and find a place that offers node red hosting at a reasonable price. TTN will not provide it for you, you need to set it up yourself, plenty of tutorials on the internet on how to do it and some cloud providers provide it preinstalled.

Then may-be when you found how to do it you can write it for others.


That’s what I want to know.

(1)“web server”??? Why do we have to care about it?
V2 system does not require it.
(2)Any way to realize the “web server” role in V3 stack so that
I don’t have to prepare additional “web server”?


What I mean is “good explanation document” for Node-RED.

  1. The webserver is needed to translate the TTN V3 data to the correct format for IFFFT
  2. No you have to have node red (acting as webserver) yourself.
  3. Generic node red documents are available on the internet, Google will find them. The steps on what to do in node red are at the documentation site you linked to earlier.

For 2 you can look at Create a Node-RED starter application – IBM Developer



This procedure tells to use “

(1)Is it a public IP address TTN webhook can connect to?
(2)If yes, tell me how can I realize it.

  1. No it isn’t.
  2. Please ask someone with a bit more knowledge in your local community to help you. Explaining these basics is easier done by someone showing you how to do it. Ask in the community if anyone can help you setup node red at a cloud provider.

Nobody knows.
That’s why I’m asking in this forum.

Are there no people with IT skills in your community? Perhaps someone studying IT? Because using the link to the IBM site they should be able to set things up.


??? It means V3 procedure does NOT work???

No. Th’s why I’m asking in this forum.

The V3 procedure does work but assumes basic IT knowledge.

The link to the IBM site contains the steps you need to set up node red. That needs to be done first. Then you can use the steps in the TTN documentation where you need to replace with the URL of your node red installation.

The example given in the documentation means the Node Red server was running on the same network as the TTN Application Server (to be precise, the same computer) - this is typical of a lab setup for demonstration. But you can’t run a computer inside the TTN network which is why it has to be on the internet.

How come you can NOT run a Node-RED server inside the TTN network?
Why we have to care about the Node-RED server for IFTTT integration. In
V2 we don’t have to care it. Why?

How do we treat my IFTTT applets? Do I have to make a new connection
one by one … I don’t want to do that …

Any quick and easy way as we do in V2? With current constraints I don’t
want to migrate to V3 stack.

Because they are TTI’s servers, not yours. Would it be OK for me to run servers inside your home network?

Because it hasn’t been written for v3 yet.

For now, yes.


Your call, v2 goes read only at the end of the month but should last until the end of the year, plenty of time for your to write an integration.

It’s a waste of time.

Do you have a plan to write V3 version? If you have I’ll wait for it.

It’s reasonable to write it by the end of this year. But it’s better to write it by
October, for example. Earlier is better. Because you need to validate it.
And also users have to validate it before you completely shut down V2

I’m just another TTN user, not staff, you are being helped by volunteers.

I don’t use IFTTT that much, so I’m OK without it - you could create an integration for it as you need it.

I was able to connect node-red to googlesheet by following this guide. However, I did some modification since my data from TTNv3 came from MQTT. The process in summary is MQTT-node-red - function - HTTP-googleform-googlesheet.

Node Red & MQTT with Google Sheets - Hackster.io

There are technical reasons why the IFTTT integration does not exist yet. It cannot be integrated via a plain webhook, but needs a dedicated application package. You can follow the issue here and thumbs up to help us prioritizing: IFTTT Maker integration · Issue #2862 · TheThingsNetwork/lorawan-stack · GitHub