Industrial IoT, low volume data transfer between two points (modbus)

I’m trying to evaluate the options when trying to send IoT data between two sites. I have a low volume application that is considering modbus comms over a GSM VPN, but operating costs are high for such low volume data link. I’ve sent data between two Pi nodes using LORA, so I would expect some point-to-point data transfer unit exists but I can’t find anything in particular.

I’m seeing AT modems, and some modbus interface type units with LORA back haul, but the options seem complex, and limited interactions from vendors.

What would the community recommend for simple IoT point-to-point data transfers?

Thanks for the guidance.

This is the TTN Forum supporting LoRaWAN not basic LoRa only based community connections and star based topologies vs p2p. GIYF :wink: