InfluxDB open source as Storage Integration


Is it possible to connect the InfluDB open source (not cloud) integrate with TTS?
I run my application server locally, where I have installed the influxdb, now I want to push data into my influxdb database. The documentation details about the influxdb cloud integration.

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You will need to wright some application and deploy it locally to do it.

You can use something line Node-red, one of the easier thing to learn most probably.

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Thank you for your response.

As I see the documentation, they only allows postgreSQL integration. Does python could work, for example I receive my uplink message and using python script I push the uplink message (which will be json object supposimgly) then push that into my local influxdb.

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I’ve found using Telegraf with the MQTT input plugin works well to get data from the TTS MQTT server to InfluxDB.

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