Integration with

Hello, i am making an integration by webhooks with I use the custum integration.
In the live data i receive an error message: …,status code 404 \status\ NOT FOUND message:
Workflow xxxx not in initialization mode.. why is that? Can you help me?
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i ALL, Now i found the solution : puts “initialize” at the end of the URL, we have to take that off in the integration.

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Once you have a nice example running, can you create a write-up for others to use?

Sure, after i have a good graphical interface will put here a link that all can see, but i use to make my application server. I have 2 self made devices (distance and temperature/humidity) connected to TTN Lorawan Server. In my console i choosed webhooks integration and custom template.
In i use Backends workflow to create my webhook “receiver”. creates a URL that ends in \initialize, this as to be taked off when create the webhook in TTN. In small words thats it.