International IoT/LoraWAN Hackathon march 9&10th 2019

March 9th and 10th 2019 we are organizing our Internet-of-Things/LoraWAN-Hackathon at the venue of Smart Factory Technologies Added in Emmen, The Netherlands for Interreg North Sea Region Project LIKE!.

A Hackathon is an innovation-competition where bright, creative people try to come up with solutions for challenges presented to them at the start of their 30-hour long endeavor.
The competitors are organized in small teams of 5-6 people where every team member will have its own role/task (registration is open for everyone, you can enter as an individual or as a team).

At the end of the 30-hour inventors-marathon the teams have to pitch their solutions to a jury which will decide who wins Best Overall, Best Design and Best Commercial (2000Euro prizemoney and a chance to have interreg-partners boost your idea/product).

The Hackathon theme “Internet-of-Things/LoraWAN “ is divided into 4 challenge-tracks:
– Mobility
– Health
– Safety
– Sustainability

Registration cost is 25Euro (which is less than the foodcost and only to prevent no-shows)
We will have hardware present but if you would like to bring/use your own hardware/software/platform that is fine. We will use TheThingsNetwork for development.
The ideas/products and intellectual property will stay in the hands of the individuals/teams that generated them. If someone, a company or a government wants to use/work with your product they will have to negotiate with the team that owns the IP.
We already have teams registered from UK, Germany, Belgium and The Netherlands.

Look at our website:
If you have ANY questions please contact us:

Want to participate?
Would you like to attend our event and work on solving the challenges presented to you?
Then follow this link and sign up (as an individual or team) for a weekend of creative fun on 9th & 10th of march 2019 (registration is first come, first served, FULL = FULL) :

See this invitation-video from our regional minister (it will also give you an impression of the site and quality of our Hackathons):


We will provide interesting challenges, excellent food, good workshops, nice prizes and much more!

Hoping to see you there!!
Adri Wischmann (Team WhatTheHackathon)

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Forgot to mention about the Hackathon:
There are tents available for people who wish to catch some ZZZZ’s (aka sleep)
For international attendees it is possible to use the tents when they would like to arrive on friday afternoon and leave monday morning (showers etc. are available and we will even provide the dinners and breakfasts involved :wink: )

You are going to meet a lot of new friends at this Hackathon! (technical and non-technical)
(and I am sure the new professional contacts will not hurt either :slight_smile: )


Registration is filling up slowly, we have people flying in from thousands of kilometers… (up till now: aged 15 till 65 years)

Are you a LoraWAN enthusiast? do you like a challenge? do you want to invent new things and solve problems? do you want to make new, international, friends who share the same intrests?

Come to Emmen The Netherlands and participate in the Internet-of-Things/LoraWAN-Hackathon. Register here:


  • Will my idea’s stay mine?
    YES, anything you and your team invent/make will stay yours. The intellectual property will remain yours and no one elses.
  • I have a special diet will there be food availbale for me?
    YES, please send us a mail what kind of food-intolerance you have and will do our best. (also vegaterian, vegan, glutenfree, etc.)


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The international IoT/LoraWAN Hackathon in Emmen, The Netherlands was a BIG succes!

The solutions for the challenges were fresh and inspiring;

Aftermovie :
Pictures from the event can be found here:
10 minutes before the pitching-event we decided to do a live-stream on facebook so on our facebook-account you can find all the pitches and the prize-ceremony:

Attendees came mostly from The Netherlands but also from Berlin, London, Nepal and even Singapore and India.

Best Overall was won by the team from Singapore/India who designed a solution for the challenge by BidonIt.
Best Design was won by team Toolbox who devised a solution for the challenge of the municipality of Roeselare about using IoT to prevent trafficjams at schools.
Best Commercial was won by team Gict who pitched a solution for the challenge provided by Angus Council about encouraging citizens to recycle more.




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congrats everybody… well done ! :sunglasses: