Interpreting the data @type of a received uplink message

Hi, i’m looking at my gateway’s live data in the TTN console, and i see incoming messages from my own node DevAddr 260D9B01 which belongs to NetID 0x13 = TTN as expected, but i also see messages with a DevAddr belonging NetID 0x00 (private/experimental). I assume this is a private network, and i wonder if there is anything in the metadata that can tell me more about this network. E.g. for the “gs.up.receive” event the data type value mentions ttn.lorawan.v3

  "data": {
    "@type": "",

Does this imply that the node is configured for TTN, or running a private network on The Things Stack? Or does any incoming LoRaWAN message gets this type?
I was looking at the event API but that did not tell me much. Thanks for any clarification.

No, Yes.

Based on the information in the uplink from a node you can’t draw any conclusions regarding the target software stack. The information you quote is related to the representation in the The Things Stack which is processing the message (=TTN). The same uplink in Chirpstack will have different type identifiers.