Invalid redirect URI


just updated my thethingsstack debian vm from 3.7.2 to 3.8.3.
i f i try to login i get this error page:

i have cleared my browser cache after that i can type in my user name and password but get the same error page after clicking on login.

how can i sewolve the problem and login again?

node data is received by the server and can be read with mqtt fine.
but i cannot login to the console

when i open the debug information in the browser i see a 403 error for the request:

in the logs i find:

stack_1 | WARN OAuth error error=error:pkg/oauth:invalid_redirect_uri (invalid redirect URI) error_cause=urls don’t validate: / /console/oauth/callback forwarded_for= method=GET namespace=web remote_addr= request_id=??? url=

fixed it by running this command from setup again:

run --rm stack is-db create-oauth-client ......

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