IoT device [estate] management

Hi All,

I am currently managing an estate of 50 sensors and doing this via spreadsheets…not a scalable solution.

Does anyone have experience with a product that can integrate with TTN and manage an estate like this?

The logical way to do this would involve keeping a digital twin of each sensor in the product and managing the sensor meta/real data via the twin.

Option 2 is to build this but I cannot imagine someone hasn’t already done it.

Any thoughts welcome.

I have a data base where the end device creates the record and adds a few fields in it like device_id, application_id, dev_eui, join_eui, dev_addr, received_at and a few others this is via devices uplink and webhook.

I manually update other fields in the record like location, brand, model and a few others.

The nice thing is that as soon as you receive a uplink the device is populated and you can see very fast where you records are not up to date, as you have not entered the manual information.

I also run a check against the db and if the received_at is older than a specified time I get alerted. (all my canneries)

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Thanks Johan.

I am already well beyond that with a relational structure planned that has several layers of both site context and device configuration as well as physical hardware and assembly records involved.

I would prefer to find an out of the box option but could pay for someone to build it also.