Is it possible to receive device data by 2 gateway sitting side by side?

I have 2 indoor gateways sitting side by side. One is TTN gateway and another is TekTelic Micro.
Both of them are connected to the TTN server.

I also have 2 sensors for experimentation purposes. One is TTN Node and another is TekTelic Smart Home Sensor.

Currently, TTN Node is transmitting data successfully via TTN gateway and TekTelic device is transmitting data via TekTelic gateway.

My goal is to use TekTelic device to transmit data via TTN gateway but for some reason it is not receiving any traffic from TekTelic sensor.

How can I achieve this? Is it even possible to send payload to 2 different gateways at the same time?


First of all it would help if you provide a little additional information like where on the planet you are and which frequencyplan you use. That makes it easier to provide answers.
For now I assume you are in a region using the US915 frequency plan.

I suspect your gateways and nodes are using different subbands of the US915 standard and as a result the transmissions of one node can’t be received by the other gateway because that gateway does not listen at the frequency the node uses. Please check your gateway (and node) settings, for TTN you should use subband 1.

BTW, for a better understanding of lorawan I would advice you take a look at the lorawan academy. There you should learn any gateway within radio coverage of a node and tuned to the correct frequencies will receive a transmission. Lorawan is not WiFi where a device connects to a access point.

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