Is there a Lostik simple setup guide?

Just received my Lostik node and now that I’m in lockdown I’m setting it up. My (linux) laptop recognises the device and I can run the examples provided. There’s no example config file though so is it just a question of running commands via the supplied or what? I’m not using a GUI for this at the momentt, just terminal commands. Any info and/or example configs would be much appreciated.

Perhaps ask the supplier or manufacturer?
Or read the RN2483/RN2903 documentation for available commands.

I asked the supplier, and have sorted it all out now with my own testing. Basically I had over-complicated the parameters that I’d used. Usng the supplied in the examples directory, I simply needed to run the below:

python3 ./ --joinmode otaa --appkey XXXX --deveui XXXX --appeui XXXX /dev/USB0

That worked, but I was getting a no_free_channels message if I failed to send data, so looking around the 'net, this can be a known occurrence with the RN2483, so here’s a list of setup commands to send which has now made everything work as intended. I’m now rewriting the to include these and make it a bit more personal.

   self.send_cmd("sys get hweui")
   self.send_cmd('sys get ver')
   self.send_cmd('radio get mod')
   self.send_cmd('radio get freq')
   self.send_cmd('radio get sf')
   self.send_cmd('mac pause')
   self.send_cmd('mac resume')
   self.send_cmd('mac reset 868')
   self.send_cmd('mac set appeui %s' % 'my_appeui')
   self.send_cmd('mac set appkey %s' %'my_appkey') 
   self.send_cmd('mac set deveui %s' % 'my_deveui') 
   self.send_cmd('mac join otaa')

Overall though, a very nice device and the supplier is very helpful.