Is TTN much less popular in the US?

Hi ya’ll,

So I wanted to do some LoRa software (mostly for fun) so I ordered a few TTGO T-BEAMs from China. They haven’t yet arrived, but the Dragino LPS8 gateway I ordered is here. Yesterday I placed it outside my house mounted somewhat high overlooking the San Francisco bay (with a fancy plastic bag environmental cover :grinning: ). Of course I’m just using the stock ‘indoor’ antenna, but I have to say I’m surprised at how few packets I see coming in. Only a few an hour, and so far all of those packets have been dropped by TTN with “no broker” - so presumably they are misconfigured devices someone has sitting around somewhere?

TTN seems quite popular in Europe, but looking at the map near here I only see a few gateways with only a smallish number of mapper hits. I was assuming that in ‘tech silicon valley’ would have a bunch more activity.

Is it just that my antenna is not up to snuff? Or is the network really that ununderbuilt/used here?

Anther SF Bay person! I agree, the uptake in the US hasn’t been good. I think part of it since it’s all grass roots per-say is the cost of outdoor gateways and their availability here in the US. There in the Bay Area there are a bunch of gateways (per the map) but all but 1 say they are indoors so very poor coverage. When I’ve done TTNMapping, when in east SF the Berkeley gateway provides good coverage in that area. There was a person in Morgan Hill that had an outdoor gateway the provided great coverage in that area but it went offline a couple months back. I’m in the process of getting a new gateway here to move it from indoors to outdoors.


Thanks for the reply. Good information thanks.

I see you are also a ham and I was surprised how low ttn adoption was compared to aprs (which seems super usable here).

I’ll keep running my ttn gateway (outside) and I’ll probably use my tbeams for experimenting with (non lorawan) Lora stuff.

I’m working on setting up a Mikrotik gateway as overall its the cheapest outdoor gateway that can be put together (~$250). Where in the bay area are you? There is someone in SF that is doing balloons and is using LoRa at 400 Mhz ham bands. Also, there is a growing AREDN network in the bay area if you are interested in any of that.

I am not surprised by the low take-up in the US cities because the cost of a LTE data services is very low in the US and the coverage is extensive.

I’m in the San Mateo hills - with very good line of sight for SSF, SFO, SF and across to Hayward.

But aren’t LTE data rates even cheaper in Europe?

I don’t know the prices in Europe. I am paying $1 per month for my LTE service in the US for my IoT devices and I am also paying $10 a months for “unlimited” bandwidth for an iPad.

However, LTE consumes a lot more power than LoRa so there are a vast range of applications, especially in rural areas where LoRa is superiour.