Issue with Device Creation and Deletion between TTN and Azure IoT Hub Integration

Hello The Things Stack community,

I’m currently working on a Proof of Concept (POC) involving the integration of The Things Stack (TTN) with Azure IoT Hub for LoRaWAN devices. I’ve successfully set up a LoRaWAN network using The Things Stack with a Raspberry Pi gateway (SX1302) and an ESP32 device with an SX1278 chip.

Current Status:

  • Device data is successfully transmitted from my LoRaWAN device to TTN.
  • Integration with Azure IoT Hub is established, and telemetry data is visible in Azure IoT Explorer.

Challenge: I’ve encountered an issue with device creation and deletion between The Things Stack and Azure IoT Hub. According to the official documentation LINK, we should be able to create and delete devices from both platforms seamlessly. However, in my case:

  • I can create devices from TTN, but not from Azure IoT Hub.
  • Deleting a device from Azure IoT Hub does not reflect in The Things Stack.

Configuration Details: I have attempted two methods for integration:

  1. ARM Deployment:
  • Followed the ARM deployment method as outlined in the documentation LINK
  1. Manual Integration with Existing Azure IoT Hub:
  • Tried to integrate with an existing Azure IoT Hub.
  • Using iot hub hostname and access key.


  1. How can I create devices from Azure IoT Hub and ensure they are reflected in TTN?
  2. When deleting a device from Azure IoT Hub, how can I make sure it is also removed from The Things Stack?

I would appreciate any insights, suggestions, or guidance from the community regarding this issue. Your expertise is invaluable, and I’m eager to make progress on this integration.

Thank you in advance for your assistance!

You may find that people would like to know the outcome / solution to your previous downlink problem - this is a community of people answering voluntarily - if you just turn up, ask questions, get some answers and then disappear, we’ll all feel somewhat used.

Thank you for your understanding, and I appreciate the community’s voluntary support. I apologize for any inconvenience caused by my previous inquiry. Regarding the downlink issue, unfortunately, I haven’t found a solution yet. I believe that the difficulties encountered in creating or deleting devices from Azure IoT Hub may share a common underlying issue. I’m committed to actively engaging with the community and will keep you updated on any progress. Your insights and assistance are invaluable, and I’m grateful for the collaborative spirit here. If suggestions or insights regarding the issues, I’m eager to explore them. Thanks again for your patience and support!"