Issues with Downlinks

Hi All,

I’m having issues with downlinks (confirmed uplinks) with my nodes/gateways, e.g. I’m not getting any. My uplinks are working fine. This has been reported by some of our partners as well which is why i’m looking at it.

Using an Arduino UNO + Dragino board, with a test script which is sending static data “Hello World” on SF12. I can see my up-links and attempted down-links on the TTN Console (both in the App and Gateway). However the Down-links are never received, I noticed that the down-links are being sent of SF10. I was expecting them on SF12 (rx1) or SF9 (rx2). (note: I can transmit successfully on SF10 as well, and doesn’t change the down-link spread-factor)

Other info,
Gateway: Cisco with the Semtech Forwarder
Freq Plan: AS923 (920-923)
Router: Meshed-router

Does anyone have any insights as to why the downlinks aren’t coming through to my node? Or where to look?

I switched libraries to use AU915, and immediately saw Acks from another local gateway (at a local university, not one I manage). So I’m confident that the node hardware is ok.

@Maj, any thoughts on the issue or where to look? This is in Brisbane

Hi @DanielT1. Are OTAA joins working OK, but confirmed downlinks are not?

I see some intermittent downlink failures, but these can be caused by a variety of reasons. Most common is that a device is on the edge of coverage and is receiving uplinks but not downlinks.