Join accept message lost with TTIG, but not with other gateway

I meet a problem when I start an end device.
It sends the join request. I can see it in the console.
Then It waits for the join accept frame that never comes.

I have one The Thing Network Indoor Gateway in the room.
In the gateway console I can see the join request frame is received by the gateway, and the join accept has been sent. But nothing happens for the end-device.

Then I unplug my gateway. When my gateway is unplugged, the join accept is received by my end-device and it can work finely. it is sent by another gateway in the building.

I think there is a problem with my gateway. It is quite hot when I take it. Then I wait for an hour, I replug it and then it works…

Is this problem already happen to another TTIG user ?

Make sure it is not too close! if so you will potentially be operating in the near vs far field and also with risk of overloading front end etc. Make sure node is >>3m from test TTIG or add some intervening absorbant materials (simply placing on oposite side of an internal wall usually does the trick :wink: ). The other GW in the property will be operating ‘normally’ with device some distance away.

I tend to run my TTIGs with external PSU or battery powerbanks rather than using the build in main connection as this reduces device level power and local thermal issues - also allows better placement away for usual power socket positions, without having to run bulkier mains extension leads. Should work fine as within design tolerances even f hotter on internal power but I find better with external power brought in over USB feed - also eliminates a small amount of local potential RFi from in built PSU.

If TTIG has been offline/disconnected its websockets connection with the server due to time out then uplinks inc Join Req’s may get ‘missed’ until websockets connection reinitialised and established. If you run several local nodes then the TTIG has greater chance of ‘staying live’ due to reguar traffic and being connected when needed.

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Thank you very muh for your answer Jeff.
I’m having a hard time understanding why being too close is a problem…
Can you explain me this point ?

Think of it as someone shouting directly in to your ear - it just overloads everything

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I changed gateway location to another room. There is still a problem.
When my TTIG is plugged. My device does not receive any frame. When I unplug it does.
Join accept and downlink messages are always sent by my gateway beacause it has a good RSSI (-50 or -60 dBm). But it does not work.
I think there is a frequency derivation due to heat. So the communication between gateway and devices become imposible.
But I am surprised that it can be a problem. The gateway stop working well after less than 24h.

So, did you try the following?

You’re still only referring to downlinks not being delivered through the TTIG, right? (Or does “stop working” mean something else, like even uplinks stop after about a day?)

The TTIG uses the SX1308 vs SX1301 and can be thought of as a slightly reduced spec/reduced thermal operating range version of the latter - binned out on test??. Given reduced headroom on temp spec, if running in a warm environment or additonal enclosure (converting t outdoor use etc.?), I find it prudent to go with the external power option :wink: Many report concerns, e.g on the forum, over temp of the RF/Baseband subsystem and specifically the operating temp of the SX130x in some implementations. I also recall e.g. RAK added a themal spreader to bring heat out to the case when they develped the Pilot etc.

The failure only concerns downlink messages.
Today I plug it with wired alimentation. I’ll see tomorrow if it is still working.
But it is a terrible conception problem. I use it in a room, the temperature never exceeds 28°C