Join-request accepted but MKR doesn't receive acknowledgment?

Hello, after repeatedly retrying example tutorials on connecting an MKR 1310 through a Dragino DLOS8. In the application page I have the join request being accepted, but the MKR never receives this information. I am using the MKRWAN firstconfig example, and after adding in the APPKEY there is a long pause before eventually saying that something went wrong. This connection is being made through OTAA as well. I have doubled checked the APPEUI, APPKEY, Frequency bands across all devices (FSB2), changed the regional band to PHY REV B (based on another topic about mkr1310), and have essentially exhausted my research efforts to find the issue. Apologies for my ignorance around this communication style, I was put on this project about a week ago, and will gladly provide any other required information. Thanks in advance.


My wife does that too - I try something and after a long pause she says I’ve done something wrong.

And like my wife, we have no clue what developers did wrong because we never get told.

I’m currently working on a project using the MKR WAN 1310 so hopefully I can help.

First job is to find out if you can swap to a different device. Then post the serial output from the Arduino IDE as text. Please do NOT post anything that can be copied & pasted, please do use the </> tool to format any log output.

By different device, you mean another 1310 correct? If so I have three to work with. Here is my serial output:

Welcome to MKR WAN 1300/1310 first configuration sketch
Register to your favourite LoRa network and we are ready to go!
Your module version is: ARD-078 1.2.0
Please make sure that the latest modem firmware is installed.
To update the firmware upload the 'MKRWANFWUpdate_standalone.ino' sketch.
Your device EUI is: a8610a3334357916
Are you connecting via OTAA (1) or ABP (2)?
Enter your APP EUI
Enter your APP KEY
Something went wrong; are you indoor? Move near a window and retry

No, I mean like a different brand.

Are you entering the information by hand each time?

Have you registered the device on the TTS console?

I’ve remove the lack of carriage return so that the log is properly blocked.

I can make an attempt with a dragino+gps shield for Arduino Uno and update with the results

I’m utilizing the copy to clipboard button on the end device overview page in the applications page, then pasting the keys into the serial input

I believe it is registered, by creating an end device that is being “seen” every couple of minutes. If this is what you are referring to.

I’m sorry but I am not quite understanding what this is asking/describing.

Ha, no, that’s worse (not Dragino, just the whole small MCU problem). Let’s just say that the MKR WAN has it’s foibles, nothing to do with the Murata chip, more the not evolving support library so you can’t get simple info out without extending it yourself.

You could use the standard LoraSendAndReceive and save yourself some copying & pasting.

Are you saying it’s seen but not joining?

Where are you seeing it - the gateway or the app/device log?

I edited you post so the code was properly formatted. We are all volunteers here, we haven’t got time to wade through one long continuous block of mono-spaced text.

Well now this is peculiar… When I plugged the MKR back in the serial monitor posted that it was ready to send a message. I typed one in and it is successfully being transmitted in the device log and can be decoded back to what I sent. I don’t know how its working now after 2 days of repeatable road blocks but wow you are a miracle worker haha.

I am a MKR WAN Jedi - thought it would be OK to accept a clients requirement to use it, it’s me that’s carrying the pain - it’s not terminal, the hardware is OK but as you have just discovered, the firmware (both on the Murata and the library and the examples) are somewhat suspect.

I’ll upload a repro one day soon, when I’ve got it under control.

Thanks again, hopefully this magic carries forward when I try to replicate this on the next few MKR’s. Might be needing to have 5000 units all working happily by the end of the year.

Would you like me to mark your earlier reply as the solution? Again, sorry, new here.

I didn’t really come up with a solution, more facilitated a win for you.

The MKR WAN is an expensive coupling of a SAMD21 and the Murata module. Apart from the fact that you can’t get any at the moment and it’s debatable when 5,000 will be available, I’d think in terms of getting a custom board made for you, just use the MRK WAN for getting started.