Join Tekelek TankAlert


i try to join an Tekelek TankAlert to my applications. Does anyone know where i can find the AppKey of this devices?

That kind off info you must get from supplier (on box or label on device, packing brief ect) Mabee on thee website of the manufacturer.

I’m having the exact same problem. Were you able to get the AppKey of your device?
Thanks for your answer

Hi, i´ve got a mail from Tekelek. You have to install the Tekelek Europe App for this sensor. Tekelek LoRa LPG. So, i haven´t any Andorid Device reachable. I hope they send me the keys manually.

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Thanks. I tried with the Android app, but it doesn’t work with the TEK766 I’m having. The app uses an NFC tag to read device info (but my TEK766 doesn’t give any results with NFC readers). I’ve sent a message via their website form, on how to request the AppKey.

Evening. I sent them an email with the devkey and I recieved back the appeui appkeys.