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To make my question clearer, will my owning an original TT Kickstarter Gateway enable me to participate in the 2021 TTN Summer Academy?

The gateway module will show the setup of a RAK gateway HAT for a Raspberry Pi using the system. You could skip the presentation and setup your gateway using the v3 docs at that point, or do it now and skip the presentation or do it now & watch the presentation for any generic gateway information &/or to learn about a different gateway setup.

The course material has been constructed around the kit list supplied so you will be reliant on best endeavours & the good will of others to help you if you come up against any particularly tricky issues.

There are other participants on the Slack channel that have said they have other gateways they are going to use and others who have alternative device hardware, some both.

The course has something of a story arc to it as you’ll see on the schedule - basics & important concepts Mon AM, gateway PM, device building Tues, getting the data out Wed. If you get your gateway functional on Mon PM, you’re good to go with the device workshops on Tuesday.

Thanks for your explanation.

I understand now. I am confident I can get my gateway up and running with all of the articles and forum posts I have noted over the past (it really is a gold mine of information) plus I have some rf experience, and am a programmer at heart. I’m just not sure I will get round to it by monday pm. Thanks again for taking the time to answer my question.

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A couple of links/pre-requisits that may be useful - Balena firmware etc for BasicStation:

Any latecomers or stragglers looking to catch up on the activities of TTSA or folk looking to repeat some of the (node) work should be aware that the MKRWAN Env Shield used has now been declared obsolete by Arduino, no obvious substitute with only available stocks remaining by the looks of things. Anyone looking to adapt to use in other projects should be aware also.

Part Affected
Manufacturer ARDUINO - BCMI US LLC
Manufacturer Part Number ASX00011
Digi-Key Part Number 1050-1168-ND
Status Obsolete
Substitutes Please click here