Join The Things Summer Academy - August 16 to 20

The Things Network is hosting The Things Summer Academy.

Join the 1-week virtual course and learn all the fundamentals of LoRaWAN to kickstart you professional career in IoT.

Why join this course?

  • High-quality content, created by a team of LoRaWAN experts
  • Hands-on workshops with live Q&A
  • Personal mentor to support your throughout the week
  • Become part of a peer-group for discussing, interacting and reviewing one another’s work
  • Access to discounted hardware and software
  • Official Certificate upon completion
  • Invitation to The Things Alumni Network
  • On-demand content after the summer course


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Hi Laurens,

I’m very interested in join this course. I’ve one question, if you don’t mind, to do the hands-on workshops, I assume we need to access to a hardware kit as is said in the web. Do you know what is the required purchase list of hardware that we need to take properly the course?

Thanks in advance,


It says it’s coming soon but if you need to budget, at worst case scenario you are likely to need a gateway and an end device as bare minimum plus, I hope obviously, a computer on the internet! A TTIG + Arduino MKR WAN 1310 (I’m guessing on some mainstream hardware here) would run to around 150 in £/$/€ tops. Hopefully Laurens is a good negotiator.

Plus snacks!

Hardware list:

Option 1: a Raspberry Pi, the RAK2287 + RAK2287 Pi HAT

Option 2: WisGate Developer D4H | RAK7248

I got a 15% discount code which I’ll share with everyone who subscribed.

Dev board
We require an Arduino-based development board. I will soon share the details which dev board will be used.

@descartes @laurens Thank you very much!!!

Hi Laurens,

Any news on the Arduino based development board yet?

Have a look at your inbox from an email from me. I’ve sent everyone who signed up for the course an email with details on what hardware to purchase.

Here also the details:
Development board
Arduino MKR WAN 1300: link to webshop
Arduino MKR Env shield rev 2: link to webshop

Gateway Kit
There are 2 options to choose from. You can order the individual components (option 1) or purchase the kit as a whole (option 2).

Option 1:
RAK2287: link to webshop
RAK2287 Pi HAT: link to webshop
Raspberry Pi 4: link to webshop

Option 2:
WisGate Developer D4H: link to webshop

Do you have indication from RAK & Arduino by destination territory of when last order date would be to guarantee users will have units in time for the workshops (inc shipping/customs clearance times…)

I can foresee tears by bedtime for those around the world leaving until last minute! :wink:

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Good question. Will check!

Just checked, the Arduino MKR Env shield is sold out.

@Grantep Make sure to use the link I posted above. They should still be available

Thanks. The link Arduino MKR ENV Shield rev2 is being redirected to

I will try using a VPN.

I was able to purchase the last shield from The Pi Hut. I should be fine. Thanks.

Really looking forward to the course.

Hi Laurens,

It needs to be this exactly gateway or one sx1301 pi4 based like IMST should be ok ?

@Faunaphotonics the workshop is designed for the RAK gateway. You can follow along with part of the workshop, but the firmware to manage the RAK gateway card might be different than the one you use.

For people joining The Things Summer Academy, make sure to also join the Slack Group for daily updates & chitchat.

To access Slack:

  1. Log in to your The Things Network account
  2. Request access to The Things Network Slack via your account page
  3. Join the channel #the-things-summer-academy

How do we login?

Login in Slack?

If you create an account on Slack then you can use the link above to access the TTN area.

Your login is for Slack and then you subscribe to different discussion groups.

Hi, I’ve been sitting on one of the original Kickstarter Gateways (with 2 Things Uno boards). All this stuff is still unboxed, life just gets in the way, y’know?

Anyhow this seems like a good time to dive in with some hand holding.

My question is simple, is one of the original TTN kickstarter gateways a suitable device with which to follow along? I also have doubts about V2 to V3 upgrading too, I have always followed along with what is happening TTN-wise, but never had time to participate.
Cheers. Paul.

Cautionary note to all!

Received my Arduino kit for the session a couple of days ago and noticed that unlike most other such retail packed modules I’ve received from other vendors (e.g. RAK811Sensor/Tracker, 813, 815, 5205 etc. Heltec WiFi Lora V1 & V2’s etc.) There is NO small antenna/pigtail included - not even a small helical or patch ant…nor is there any warning out of the box to the effect that you should not power up/run LoRa kit without 1st attaching an antenna!

If you didnt order one for the session raid your spares box, cannibalise another unit/system… or get a rapid order into you favourite choice of disty to get a suitable ant delivered in time before you trash your kit! :slight_smile: :scream: