Joing TTN with a COM.X M5STACK

Hi there,

I currently do my best to join the network using a COM.X M5STACK node and would be pleased to have a bit of help from the community.
My device is:

It has a Heltec processor inside:

Following this tutorial

, I managed to find the DevEUI, registered the device on TTN, chose a custom App EUI (as 0000000000000 was already taken), got an AppKey, and loaded back both AppEUI and Appkey in the device.

Regarding to network layer in TTN, i chose the following:

I then tried the AT+Join=1 command, but joining keeps failing, whereas i am 1km far from a TTN GATEWAY:

The Things Stack Gateway
Network ID: NS_TTS_V3://ttn@000013
Gateway ID: eui-54450008004a214f
Gateway EUI: 54450008004A214F
TTN Mapper ID: 87817
Description: null
Last heard: 2021-09-05 14:02:04.825906+00
Coordinates: 43.60330161559309, 1.3567911385507614

Would anyone please have an advice or step by step to figure joining issues ?

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  1. get closer to GW, to be sure no topology or building clutter issues - are you in LOS?
  2. RX2 DRI should be DR3 not 0 (as per higher up (SF9))
  3. “chose a custom AppEUI” - how done - might conflict with genuine owner of such EUI if not careful, also all zeroes should be possible (forum search)
  4. suggest loose Class C until you have node running correctly
  5. as Cube-Cell based use forum search to look at others experience…and read the documentation…

Hi Jeff-UK
thanks for your reply !

  1. What is LOS ? I am close to Toulouse in SW France

  2. Will do my best to read the documentation to understand what do you mean with “RX2 DRI should be DR3 not 0 (as per higher up (SF9)”

3.Just typed it in the TTN interface (chose 1200000000000000 as zeroes only was giving conflicts)

  1. OK
  2. OK, let’s find out !

Heltec Automation(TM) products index page is broken but is certainly elsewhere.



  1. Line Of Sight - classic RF/connectivity term sorry for the TLA! :wink:

  2. Your picture of console/regsitration details above…