Just released - heavy-duty industrial LoRaWAN pressure and temperature sensors

Hello TTN community!
as a long-term LoRaWAN supporter and a part of the core development team at Moire Labs I would like to introduce our new line of products for LoRaWAN - heavy duty industrial pressure manometers and temperature transducers with display in IP65 rated casing https://iotransducer.com/. For now we offer P1AP pressure manometers and P1AT temperature sensors.

So far we have some numbers of these devices running in a heavy industrial environment for more than a year and they are as stable as it gets without a single return - we have therefore decided to push this great design into our standard portfolio with its dedicated homepage at https://iotransducer.com/.

Please do not hesitate to browse and ask questions!
Hopefully this product will extend the offering of sensors on the LoRaWAN market and strengthen the LoRaWAN adoption in industrial environments.


NB: This topic is also posted on the ChirpStack forum here: Introduction: Heavy-duty industrial LoRaWAN pressure and temperature sensors - Devices - ChirpStack Community Forum

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:thinking: I’m curious - is the LoRa Alliance (& Semtech) aware of your choice of name? And have they approved it?! Also I see you call out a ‘certified LoRaWAN stack’ L-A certified?

Note: this thread/your announcement may shortly get moved over to product announcements…

Thanks for a reply @Jeff-UK - the domain is not a name of the product, however I understand your concern - thanks for pointing this out. I will surely raise this with the rest of our team to address.

I’m unsure of your second point regarding the LoRaWAN stack - the stack is part of the RN2483 radio, which itself is fully certified module. Can you please clarify this for me to address? This might be a wording issue or language barrier perhaps?


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That wont matter - they are generally protective of the use of the LoRaWAN® name (just ask ChirpStack! :wink: )

Its ok that answers the question - the Microchip module is a known quantity :slight_smile:

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@Jeff-UK, community, after a productive communications with LoRa Alliance official we have adjusted some of the wording on the website and changed the primary domain name of the site to https://iotransducer.com/ (already fixed in the initial topic post (note - the original domain name contained “lorawan” substring). @Jeff-UK - once again, thanks for pointing this out.


:+1: glad you sorted before getting into trouble! :wink: