Kerlink gateway communication with Node-red

(Syedassad) #1

We are using Kerlink LoRa Wirnet station with embeded SPN software and pushing all the received the received endpoint data using HTTP transmitter, to the Node-Red application.
From the Node-Red, when ever we are trying to receive the data, using HTTP receive node, we received the message “certificate expire”, and are not able to receive the data from the Kerlink station.

Is there any way to get and and install the certificate or any other work around for receiving the endpoint data from kerlink SPN software to Node-red.


(Arjan) #2

Since you’re asking for help at a forum of The Things Network, I guess your first step would be to move away from the embedded SPN and get the Kerlink connected to TTN. This way others can benefit from its installation as well. See