Kerlink iFemtocell - how to login?

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I have ordered a Kerlink iFemtocell that i received today. It was packed in a Brown box without any documentation whatsoever. How do I get started? I have tried using a browser against the IP-address can it has but here I come to a WiFI-administration page (tried configuring the SSID but it does not appear). I have tried connecting through which I gues would work if I knew the root password. I have tried root/root without any luck.
Does anybody jnow how for me to get started?
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Through I am sure they can help me - but not until Monday. Was hoping someone had a quick answer here.

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Yes it is.

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No I have the same problem :slight_smile: I am guessing this is a brand new product. I have a sales material PDF but am not able to upload anything here for some reason. If you google 'Wirnet iFemtocell' you will get some hits at least

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See page 14 here:


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I got an answer this morning that solved my problem:

To prevent Web robots from attacking the gateway with standard login/password “root/root”, default password is built using the last 6 characters of the board ID : pdmk-$serialno.

For example, if an iFemtoCell has 704BEc1234AB as board ID, then the root password will be pdmk-1234AB (case sensistive).

This last 6 characters can also be retrieved within the host name displayed in the shell prompt:
klk-wifc_1234AB login: root
Password: pdmk-1234AB

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I*m unable to even find it in my wifi list, how did you manage that bit?

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Well, I didn't really. I plugged it on a wired lan and connected with SSH. Here I modified the file /etc/network/connman/wlan.config adding the SSID and passphrase for my wifi and after that it connected nicely to my wifi.

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Is there a step by step guide on how to configure the Kerlink iFemtocell to push packets to TTN? Is it just a case of following instructions for the other Kerlink gateways?



Particularly given Nicolas Sornin highlighting picocells/femtocells in his talk at the TTN conference (18:45 to 22:00), I’m curious to know the answer to your question and more generally to understand picocells and their likely role as TTN expands. Sornin highlighted the fact that Comcast here in the United States has experimented with using them in their cable set top boxes and in Philadelphia they had provided good indoor coverage with a density of 8 per 1600 square meters.
I don’t have a good sense of how they compare in cost and capacity to the TTN gateways. Sornin at one point said “typically in a TTN deployment model which is actually only femtocell-based more or less.” I wondered whether he was indicating that TTN gateways are what he would consider to be femtocells, or was he talking about a hypothetical situation involving devices that are substantially different in cost and capacity from TTN gateways?