Kerlink Station Gateway - downlink issue

(Faehrlich) #1

Hello everyone!

Two gateways were tested. With the multitech gateway everything works fine. The node is sending an uplink and receiving the downlink from the application through the gateway. With Serial.prints i can see that the data is received by the node.

But if i try the same with a Kerlink Station, the traffic shows me that the application successfully sends the data to the gateway. The gateway traffic shows also that it is sending the downlink to the node, but the downlink never reaches the node.
Have anybody similar problems?

(Stef839) #2

Yes same issue over here.
Did you fix it?

(Hrabi Ahmed) #3

Did someone fix the problem ?

(Stef839) #4

Yes, update your Kerlink Firmware to Version 3.
That should fix the issue.