Kerlink Wirnet iBTS Gateway not able to install anything


I recently got my hands on a Kerlink Wirnet iBTS compact. I updated it to the newest firmware (KEROS 4.1.6) and installed the Common Paket Forwarder. Unfortunately I was not able to get it to work with TTN and decided to do a factory reset and start all over.

Since doing the factory reset, I’m not able to install anything at all…I’m able to access the gateway via ssh (or the browser) and even trigger an update, but it all returns an installation error.

Here you can see what is written in the logfile:

2020.02.14-09:35:18 – Update from keros.ipk: ERROR (13)
2020.02.14-09:35:18 – Update Status : updated 0, failed 1 , partial 0 result : FAILURE
2020.02.14-09:35:19 – Firmware restored from stock
2020.02.14-12:45:19 – Update from lorad_1.1.5-1_klkgw.ipk: ERROR (12)
2020.02.14-12:45:19 – Update Status : updated 0, failed 1 , partial 0 result : FAILURE
2020.02.14-12:47:29 – Update from lorafwd_1.1.1-2_klkgw.ipk: ERROR (12)
2020.02.14-12:47:29 – Update Status : updated 0, failed 1 , partial 0 result : FAILURE

Here’s the error code from the kerlink wiki:

  • ERROR (12) - dependency issue

  • ERROR (13) - incompatible architecture

Did anybody experience something similar and is able to help?

Kind regards

What CPF and firmware versions are you trying to use? There’s a compatibility matrix on the product line wiki. Endure everything you downloaded is compatible with each other.

@bduffez I don’t know what exactly went wrong. I was using the latest packet forwarder (CPF 1.1.6) with the latest firmware (KEROS 4.1.6) and since doing the factory reset all installations failed. I was not able to even factory reset again.

After trying about 30 times the FW reset finally worked (using the USB method of updating) and I was able to implement it into TTN.

Thank you for your help

Ok good!